Justice and Peace

Justice and Peace

SEECAT Justice and Peace has the following objectives:

  1. To raise awareness of justice and peace issues.
  2. To support SEECAT church members in responding to the needs of our times both in SE Edinburgh and the wider world.
  3. To help our decisions in daily living be better informed by our shared concerns for justice, peace and the Earth.

Coordinated by a committee of people from the SEECAT churches, SEECAT J&P provides opportunities for any in our churches to share their knowledge, passion for progress, and recognition of need.

This sharing is via:

  1. Events
  2. Crosstalk (the SEECAT newsletter) and in church newsletters;
  3. this website with its pages of briefing notes and “invitations” page. The latter notes activities already under way in SEECAT where more people are invited to be involved, acting directly or by prayer.
  4. an email list. If you wish to join the SEECAT J&P email list then please Contact Us. The list is used to send out announcements, news, invitations to events, or to take actions (prayer or letter writing for example). Items sent to that email address will be gathered and sent out no more than once every week or two, in general, unless something urgent arises. (Please note, this is not a discussion email list.)

We also have a page of general links related to Justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

Please use the contact form to request further information or to add to, or comment on, these pages: