JP Events

Justice and Peace Events

AGM and planning meeting

When: Wed 13th Nov 2019, 7pm
Where: St Barnabas

We will also distribute information so that letters can be sent in the Write for Rights campaign.

It is an open meeting – anyone who supports the vision and purpose of SEECAT Justice & Peace is warmly invited.

Past Events

The Work of Christians against Poverty

When: 22 May 2019
Where: St Catherine’s 7pm

A talk about the Work of Christians against Poverty by Melanie Kilburn.

SEECAT Justice and Peace planning meeting

When: Wed 28th Nov, 7pm
Where: St Barnabas

It is an open meeting – anyone who supports the vision and purpose of SEECAT J&P is warmly invited.

Three main items:

  1. There will be a brief AGM – including: we need a secretary…
  2. Taking decisions to give shape to SEECAT J&P for the next year. Come with ideas and also email them to me if you wish.

    Thoughts so far include the following questions:

    • What more can we do to help our churches in their responses to the needs of our locality?
    • What more can we do to care for the Earth?
    • What more can we do to help make trade fair?

    Are there local initiatives to take, established actions from SEECAT churches that we can learn from or join in, or events that would raise awareness?

    We will also plan to continue the 6-monthly awareness/fundraising meetings (one local, one overseas)

  3. Writing cards to prisoners of conscience via Amnesty International – and taking information away so those confined to home, or otherwise unable to attend, can also join in this.

SEECAT Justice and Peace fundraiser/awareness event

When: Tuesday 25 Sept, 7pm
Where: St Catherines church hall.

Connecting People to Change Lives – The work of The Vine Trust in Tanzania and beyond
Speaker: Martin Holt, Chief Operating Officer

The focus will be on the Vine Trust’s varied work in Tanzania, and then also about their work on the Amazon in Peru.

With refreshments and tombola

Freedom Unlimited

When: Wednesday 25th April at 7pm
Where: Tron Kirk Gilmerton & Moredun Church (Church of Scotland)
Address: Craigour Gardens, Edinburgh EH17 7NX

Freedom Unlimited the next of our 6-monthly talks/fundraiser events


We will be in the church.

Speakers from Freedom Unlimited will introduce us to their work, as a social enterprise business, established in 2014 that aims to provide training and employment opportunities for people with criminal convictions.


We will learn about them and the contexts of their work, and raise funds to support it. We will have refreshments and also a stall of Freedom Unlimited products for sale.

We invite volunteers to help us get set up at 6:15pm… lots of tables and chairs to move!

The Good News from Palestine

When: Thurs 21 September 7pm
Where: Gilmerton New Church (The Hub), 6 Ravenscroft St, Edinburgh EH17 8QJ

We will:

  • learn from accounts of faith, hope and steadfastness in Palestine
  • pray for all in the Holy Land
  • discover how we can help, including by writing letters to our leaders

This is part of the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel.

SEECAT J&P fundraiser with refreshments and tombola

When: Tues 26th September, 7pm
Where: St Catherine’s Church Hall

It’s for a Scottish charity, MalawiFruits that supports smallholder farmers in Malawi. Their speaker, Kevin Simpson will speak about the charity and about their new initiative, Futurepumps.

We will raise funds with a target of the £500 needed for a portable solar-powered water pump. The pumps increase farmers resilience to climate change and can permit two crops to be grown in each year.

These evenings are not just about fund-raising, but about being better informed, and therefore better able to pray for people’s needs.

The Holy Land - what a routine pilgrimage does and doesn't show you

When: Thurs 17 August, 7pm
Where: St Catherine’s Church Hall

An illustrated talk by Mike Mineter about his recent 3 trips to Palestine-Israel. (A revised repeat of the talk given at Liberton Kirk – some folk unable to come in June asked for another chance to come to this.)

The Holy Land - what a routine pilgrimage does and doesn't show you

When: Friday 23 June, 7pm (tea and cakes) for 7:30pm talk
Where: Kirkgate Cafe, Liberton Kirk.

Mike Mineter will be showing pictures from his 3 recent visits. There will be a stall from Hadeel, selling fair-traded Palestinian goods from the West Bank and Gaza.

SEECAT J&P Fundraiser

When: Wednesday 24 May, 7pm
Where: St John Vianney’s Church hall

This is the next in our 6 monthly fund-raisers, to support Kaimes School provision of outings and projects for autistic children.

There will also be a brief J&P planning meeting afterwards, to which all are invited — come with ideas including for future fund-raisers and themes for See, Reflect, Act Together evenings.

See, Reflect, and Act Together

When: Friday 7 April 7pm-9pm
Where: The Hub, Ravenscroft Street, Gilmerton, EH17 8QJ

Our Christian response to refugees and asylum seekers
All groups from across the SEECAT churches, who are already responding to asylum seekers and refugees, or people who are interested in possibly doing so, are invited to come together to pray, reflect, and share knowledge and experience. Contact Us for more information.

See, Reflect, and Act Together

When: Wed. Feb 22nd  7pm-8:30pm
Where: Liberton Northfield

This is the first in an occasional series of events for SEECAT church members to say what issues (local or wider) are attracting their energy or attention. Through a few short talks by church members, on areas such as food banks, Edinburgh Direct Aid, help for refugees, local environmental projects, the evening will raise awareness of these issues, enable links among people taking similar initiatives, and mention any ways in which we might be inspired to get involved.

Please Contact Us if you might wish to give a brief talk. The evening will close with a time of prayer and then a chance to socialise.

The intention is to have these evenings every few months.