Justice and Peace briefings

These briefings focus solely on areas in which people in SEECAT are, or in some cases wish to be, active. The briefings give background knowledge and resources for those interested in learning more about these issues. Some briefings also propose actions that will make a difference – not as a burden for us all, for we cannot each do everything, but as options that might appeal to some.

All in SEECAT churches are urged to extend the content in, and number of, the briefings – to do so, please Contact Us.

If you might like to join others to explore the area covered by any briefing then as a first step Contact Us.

Current briefings are on:

Time for an Edinburgh Poverty Truth Commission?

In a growing number of locations in Scotland and England “Poverty Truth Commissions” are being formed. This is a movement to tackle poverty that puts people who experience it at its heart so that real change is achieved. This briefing explains what this is about.

SE Edinburgh Food Bank

At the SEECAT event on 22 February, Beth Ferrier gave a powerful talk reflecting on her experience of helping at the South East Edinburgh Food Bank, on its importance, and on the causes that lead people to need it. This is the text of that talk.

Human-caused global change

The Earth is being changed by human activity in many profound ways: climate change, loss of biodiversity, desertification, loss of forests, ocean acidification, pollution, use of resources, food and water… This page has links to: the latest information about climate change and Scotland; articles and websites on ecology and impact of global change on the poorest; the Eco-Congregation initiative and some other relevant organisations.


Palestinian Christians describe this as a time with special significance and potential, a “Kairos” moment. This briefing note gives links to the issues, the possible futures and the changing facts on the ground. If you wish to join a group to explore these issues and pray for a peaceful and creative future for all Israelis and Palestinians then Contact Us.

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